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OK, in writing this campaign up for the curated Work section of shots, we are in no way endorsing the legitimacy of its claims. Its claims are stupid. And that might be why we love it...

To promote Sweden’s most influential music festival, Way Out West, NORD DDB has hit upon a unique method to ensure the next next generation will grow into music fans - by piping some of the artists from its impressive lineup into a genuine IVF laboratory through The Future Fan Stage.

Leaning heavily on a Spanish study from Institut Marquès in Barcelona that demonstrated IVF success increased with the help of music and vibrations, the festival developed an 'additional stage' to help create future fans of great music by 'injecting' live recordings by the headlining artists into their DNA at the earliest stage possible: before they even develop into fetuses.

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Despite being an intentionally ridiculous concept, the stage itself is a thing of beauty - designed by Love Hultén and playing live recordings from Way Out West’s headliners for what might be the largest, yet smallest crowd in history.

"With this cheeky and wonderful idea, we will get future fans hooked on our festival with great live music, even before they've come into being. And if we’re lucky, even contribute to welcoming them into existence," says Kimmie Winroth, Project Manager at Way out West. 

"While doing so, we shine a light on the importance of great music. New generations of fans are vital to keeping both artists and music festivals thriving. Without them, memorable concerts won’t see the light of day."

"When they first approached me with the IVF stage project, I knew I was all in," adds Hultén. "The Future Fan Stage was already an amazing concept in theory and had a lot of interesting design aspects. Combining elements from the lab world with music stage visuals was both challenging and fun."

"It’s been an amazing experience to help make this project come to life together with professionals from every relevant field," comments Magnus Jakobsson, Creative Director at Nord DDB. "Now we know everything there is to know about the importance of IVF when it comes to secure future generations. And, needless to say, to be able to work together with one of our favourite design geniuses of all time - Love Hultén - has been a humbling experience, to say the least."