Joining RadicalMedia's diverse rosters of award-winning directors, Jim Hosking is returning to advertising.  

Following his illustrious cult-classic feature-film era (The Greasy Strangler, An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn) he is back to explore the (r)evolution in commercial film-making and direct even more iconic ads, as he did for brands such as Cadbury’s, Travelocity and Xbox.

Hosking film-making style is distinctive, yet indefinable. Absurd comedy, eccentric characters and often downright shocking visuals, Jim Hosking films are surprising, but for more than just the eccentricities.  

Under the strange surface are intricate and emotional stories so unexpectedly relatable and sensitive you’ll both laugh and cry.  Possibly scream, but mostly laugh.  A lot.

Hosking is definitely excited…”I’m really excited to work with the good people of Radical Media to express myself in exciting bold new ways. My brain is excited and pulsating with this excitement and I intend to prove this to be the absolute truth.”

Ben Schneider, MD/Executive Producer for RadicalMedia Berlin and London says…”There’s nobody quite like Jim Hosking. A creative innovator whose artistic lawlessness is truly Radical. This is going to be fun.”