London-based production studio Spindle share that Emily Jordan-Wilson has been made Partner alongside her role as Director of New Business. She joins Greg Hackett Founding Partner / Director, Stitch Richardson MD / EP and Tim Swaby  Creative Partner.

Jordan-Wilson started with Spindle as Head of Sales in 2022, and in this relatively short time has been an integral part in the growth of the company. Prior to Spindle, Emily spent four years at Stink, looking after their international roster and helping them to secure work in the UK and Amsterdam. This followed her work as an illustration agent for Jelly London.

Jordan-Wilson has built an impeccable reputation for representing world-class talent and developing creative opportunities and connections across advertising, but she also has a passion for nurturing up-coming directors.

Richardson says: “Emily exudes warmth, empathy and positive energy. She instinctively understands where a director wants to take their career and knows how to help them get there. She brings a huge amount of experience, and works in a way that aligns with Spindle’s values. Having that insight at board level will ensure we continue to grow as a business, and help cement our reputation as one of the best places for directors to grow and develop in London."

Jordan-Wilson adds: “It takes a village. I wouldn't be where I am today without the endless support I've had throughout my whole career in advertising, and I’m now truly grateful to have found my way to this amazing team and have their support and trust."

Spindle operates like nowhere else I've ever worked, and I can't wait for each and everyone of you to experience the love, passion and creativity this group of people exude on the daily. It’s a production company that represents some of the best new talent in the world, but also cares about the people behind the camera and the planet they live on. I’m so excited for our future together, and I know that being in this role will mean I can help people the way that people in this industry before have helped me.”