Full of creativity and play, Practice loves combining real props with digital 3D elements to create tactile looks and achieve actions that aren’t feasible to construct by hand. 

Whether using stop motion, creating puppets or designing sets for live shoots, Practice is always looking for that heart of authenticity that comes from using practical techniques.

Inspired by the delightful atmosphere working on Sesame Street, where they met, the pair made the decision to start collaborating on projects, channelling positivity and joy into commercial work.

“Collaboration is a practice. It’s the practice of sharing and listening and trusting that doing so will reveal a creative solution that a single mind would not discover on its own.” said Practice.

“What’s so special about Practice is that they’re a creative duo whose experience spans animation, live action, series work, short films, and more. They’re truly style-agnostic. Together the super-brain that they form and the way that they creatively riff on a brief together is something awesome to behold. They bring so much to the table as directors, with a real willingness to push and elevate and inject even more humor and personality into a brief - whether that’s by suggesting the creation of a custom jingle to accompany a character or just in the varied mediums they choose to mix and match to bring a brand story to life with.” - Eri Panasci Taylorson, Executive Producer & Head of US Business Development

Practice’s eccentric, larger than life concepts are guaranteed to elicit joy, and have attracted clients including Waze, Denver Art Museum and the Colorado Tourism Office.