Dave Wood joins production studio Slash, for commercial representation in the U.S. 

Whether he’s directing Andre Agassi and a stadium full of mullets for Uber One, a western adventure for KitKat or an epic choreographed musical for Balter Beer, Dave Wood delivers some of the most memorable comedic moments in advertising. 

“Dave’s chemistry alongside his talent translates to comedy gold on screen. Always finding a unique approach to the story and casting, to elevate it even further. In his Balter Beer spot, Dave cast real people to give the musical an authentic feel, that these are the real beer drinkers we are celebrating. That type of commitment is what makes his work standout.” says Managing Director Tanya Cohen.” I’m highly motivated to have Dave join the Slash team with his clever style of comedy, and know we have many brilliant collaborations and a lot of laughs in our future.”

“In Australia, we’ve been cross pollinated by both British and American sensibilities in our comedy, and the best spots are often the ones that skillfully draw from both. The best work I’ve done have come from funny and clever ideas. I’ve just preserved and highlighted the right bits carefully. Slash gets me, and the types of work I love. I can’t wait to see what happens next.” says Dave Wood.

Wood has won shiny metal at Cannes, LIA, AWARDS, the New York Art Directors Club, British Arrows, Spikes Asia, as well as gold at the PADC’s and Best TV and Best Campaign at the Campaign Brief awards. His work was named in the top 10 cinema campaigns voted by B&T Magazine. Wood is currently shooting an Uber Reserve campaign and has directed stand out campaigns for the likes of Google, VW & McDonald’s.